Wall Saw

We can cut down plastic sheets from 3000mm x 2000mm using our 4 metre long wall saw and sliding bed saw.  We can also cut to very small sizes and work to the millimetre. Often the precise dimensions are taken from technical specifications provided by the client and may form part of very complicated structures.


Bottle and glasses holder

We use a process called hot wire line bending where we can bend various sheet plastics up to 8ft long. Different materials and thicknesses can be bent by altering the number of wires, distance or the heat of the wires.  We can bend acrylic up to 25mm thick.

Other materials we can line bend are polyarbonate up to 12 mm thick, polypropylene, polyethelyne, PVC, ABS and PETG.  Using this technique we can produce machine guards, display cases, leaflet holders.etc.



Large scale welding

Hot air welding is one of the techniques we use to fabricate our range of products.  We can weld various materials including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, polycarbonate and PETG.



Moulded windows

Drape forming is one our most regular techniques.  We are able to form Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC and Polypropylene and PETG into curves.  By heating in our 2000mm x 1000mm oven and draping over moulds which we can make using MDF and plywood.



Additional Services

We have a skilled team which contribute to our full fabication service.  These include:

  • drilling
  • machining
  • lathework
  • milling
  • diamond polishing
  • flame polishing
  • hot wire line bending
  • routering